Serving Knife

South Germany , circa 1550-1575

Steel and green stained horn

Width: 58 mm (2.3 inch)inch
Length: 400 mm (15.7 inch) Ref No: 1997

The broad steel blade is decorated on both sides with the etched Bavarian coat of arms and the letters "A.H.I.O.V.N.B", standing for Duke Albrecht in Upper and Lower Bavaria (29.2.1528 - 24.10.1579 in Munich, from 1550 Duke of Bavaria).

This magnificent serving knife made for Albrecht V is one of the long-lost believed objects of the Munich ducal Kunstkammer of the 16th Century and its former vaunted treasures. During the reign of Albrecht V it was one of the most important accessories of the ceremonial etiquette at the royal court.