A Coiner’s Scales

M. Evert Odendal

Cologne, 1656

Wood, brass and iron

Height: 3,9 cm (1.5 inch)
Width: 14,8 cm (5.8 inch)
Depth: 8,7 cm (3.4 inch) Ref No: 1875

Money scales in a wooden weight and scale box in the form of a book with brass hinges. In- and outside all over decorated with punched ornaments and lines and the inscription of the maker.

There are forty money weights (complete) on three tiers, each kept in its separate recess, each inscribed with the name of the coin, which were the most common around 1656 like: Engelot, Rosenobel, Ducaten, Ritter and Pistolen. Each weight is hallmarked by the maker Evert Odendal.

The only known comparable scales to this one by the same maker Odendal is published by bei Schillinger: Kostbare Instrumente und Uhren aus dem Staatlichen Mathematisch-Physikalischen Salon Dresden, page 75, no. 40.