Terrestrial Globe

Johann Georg Klinger

Nuremberg, circa 1840

Copper engraving on papiermaché, brass, stand of ebonised fruitwood.

Height: 26 cm (10.2 inch)
Diameter of the globe: 13,5 cm (5.3 inch) Ref No: 1762

‘Die Erde’, terrestrial globe made up of twelve partly hand-coloured engraved gores and two polar calottes, with engraved brass meridian ring. The wooden octagonal horizon ring resting on four amrs raised on an octogonal stem.

Fine terrestrial globe by Johann Georg Klinger, one of the last great globe makers of Nuremberg. Klinger (1764-1806) was working as a drawer, engraver and publisher in Nuremberg. He made both terrestrial and celestial globes as of 1790, the latter according to the latest findings of the British astronomer Fr. Wilh. Herschel (1738-1822). After his death the art shop was first continued by his wife and then by P. Dreykorn as of 1831 up until 1851.